Presentations and Publications

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Presentations and Public Speaking

I have been active in public speaking and presenting at professional education events throughout my career. This page contains a summarization of my work.

Mobile User Interface Conference, London, UK (2001)

Title: Modeling User Interaction With Mobile User Interfaces. I co-presented on mobile UI development options focused on usability and human factors-centered best practices at this international mobile design conference.

An Ethnographic Study of How Stockbrokers Use a Web-Based Trading System. IA Summit (2004)

I presented a pragmatic approach to gathering rapid feedback from over a dozen geographically dispersed users in a three-week timeframe.

Wireframes: A Comparison of Purposes, Process, and Products. Panelists: Laurie Gray, David Heller, Jeff Lash, Anders Ramsay, and Todd Warfel. IA Summit (2006)

I served as part of a panel discussing options for wireframing. I represented the value of rapid prototyping as a viable wireframe option.

Myers Briggs and Information Architect Patterns - Poster. IA Summit (2006)

I presented original, informal research on the types of Myers-Briggs profiles most often represented across Information Architects. My findings indicated that those who identified as Information Architects tended to cluster around the "High N" profiles, particularly INTJ. These profiles reflect highly intuitive thinkers, and the INTJ profile in particular is intuitive, introverted thinkers who are able to effectively evaluate their sources.

Catalyze Podcast: Five Myths of RIA's

I had the opportunity to discuss Rich Internet Applications with Tom Humbarger of iRise. This was my first time speaking publicly about data-driven experiences, a theme that would continue throughout my career.

User Experience and Rich Internet Applications: How Does It All Come Together? AjaxWorld (2008)

In this presentation geared at Rich Internet Application (RIA) developers, I discussed the basics of user experience and how to infuse it into RIA design.

Building Teams for Visualization Success. iRise User Conference (2010)

In this presentation, I reflected on the real-life observations with clients who were implementing visualization programs. The must successful teams were those who had evolved to a level of trust and mutual respect and focus. Those where were formed to perform visualization work were often not as successful as other, high-performing teams.

The UTEST Community - Celebrating 20 Years of a Safe Space for UX Discussions. UXPA Journal. (2013)

I served as a co-author in a journal article detailing the creation, purpose and day-to-day operations of one of the longest-running communities on the internet, the UTEST community for practicing UX'ers.

Ladder of Inference and Drama Triangle - a Primer for Leaders. Atlanta IIBA (2018).

I presented the basics of the Ladder of Inference and Drama Triangle. This presentation was aimed at practical application in the workplace

Designing a Solutions-Oriented Taxonomy - One Organization's Journey. KM Showcase. (2020)

This presentation focused on the steps we had taken to create the first iteration of RGP's enterprise taxonomy.

Knowledge Cast Podcast with Zach Wahl (2021)

In this episode, I got to sit down with Zach Wahl of Enterprise Knowledge to discuss my background, my philosophy and the taxonomy and knowledge management work I completed at RGP.

Webinar: The Art of Developing Valuable Employee Journeys/Employee 360. Pool Party Webinar. (2021)

In this event, I was a panelist alongside other practitioners discussing the benefits of developing employee 360 data views and the ways in which we were going about achieving them.

Employee 360 Data Views. KMWorld. (2021).

In this session, I presented my philosophy and recommendation for creating 360 degree employee data views.

Customer Journeys and Buyer Personas (2022)

Co-presented best practices and use cases for the creation and application of customer journeys and buyer personas to the Chief audience.

Crafting Connected Experiences - Creating Successful Digital Communities

Presented strategy and implementation best practices information on creating, launching and running digital communities to the Chief organization. This presentation included a framework for immediate application allowing participants to take immediate action.