The Numbers Speak for Themselves.


First year revenue of a service line that I launched. I was responsible for developing the solutions, setting the go-to-market strategy, and launching into the marketplace.


I was selected to start up and lead one of the first national cross-market centers of excellence connecting 14 teams across the enterprise. This community was responsible for setting scope of services and go-to-market strategy.


Lowest annual attrition year over year for my office occurred within the team of 60 consultants that I led. This number was less than half of the firm average.


The number of unique B2B/B2C and public client organizations I have served during my career. These include some of the largest international brands, the smallest of startups and public/privately held organizations of all sizes in between.


The number of formal mentees I have had over the course of my career.


The number of direct reports I have coached into leadership roles through promotion readiness coaching efforts.


Number of different industry verticals I have served throughout my career.


Maximum number of direct reports managed simultaneously. These consultants had previously been considered individual contributors and were united into a single team, organized by areas of focus and key skills. We balanced this against customer and internal partner needs and executed on the go-to-market accordingly. This improvement in employee experience translated from a team that had one of the top attrition rates in the organization to the team with the lowest attrition.

Over 1400

Number of enterprise taxonomy terms created and managed by my team over a 3 year period to run and report the business. This taxonomy has impacted every step of the corporate customer and employee journey, aligning a global enterprise and allowing the organization to improve customer, candidate, and employee satisfaction and achieve key business goals through better reporting and subsequent action.