Laurie Gray

I specialize in diagnosing and resolving communication and information breakdowns between groups. I apply my expert skills to create innovative, memorable, and successful experiences for those involved as we resolve the challenges. This drives stronger business outcomes, cost savings, positive ROI and improved user satisfaction.

I am a proven leader in developing young talent, leading teams and conceiving and executing new business initiatives focused on experience improvement. I employ a hands-on approach, doing what it takes to successfully launch products, systems and services to their intended users.

This site highlights a handful of my favorite projects over the duration of my career. Each has an element of solving information and communication problems as a way to improve experiences and drive business results.

I have applied my craft in numerous projects in the following areas:

Product development and management

User/customer experience research and design

Program design and development

Digital Transformation

Program Design & Development

Facilitation and training

Knowledge management


Taxonomy development, governance and search


My specialty is digital work, but some of my favorite and most successful efforts have involved efforts in other domains.

User/Customer Research & Design

Knowing when and how to involve people makes the difference in successful products. I began my career in research and it remains a cornerstone of my daily work.

Facilitation and Training

There is no finer way to solve communication breakdowns among teams than through facilitated experiences and well-designed training. I differentiate experiences by focusing on user needs and ensuring they remain aligned to business objectives.

Service Design & Development

My talent for systems-oriented thinking means I can see the big, interconnected pictures and the details necessary for success at the same time.