Knowledge Management, Taxonomy and User Portals

Redesign and Relaunch of an Enterprise Knowledge Management Platform (Sharepoint, Akumina)

The organization had an existing intranet that was not well-maintained. I led the effort to redesign and relaunch the corporate intranet. My efforts included developing and selling the strategy internally, securing budget and headcount for support, supervising design and development activities, setting and executing content strategy, change management, governance, and training.

This effort utilized a relatively new platform called Akumina, which leveraged Sharepoint as a Content Management System while providing a more powerful front-end experience. This effort required a lot of discovery of the Akumina platform and my team had to develop relationships with the Akumina team in order to understand the platform's functionality.

We achieved 2:1 ROI on redeployable employee content consumer hours vs content management hours shortly after launch. The organization is enthusiastic about this platform and has continued to request additional features and experiences.

Redesign and Relaunch of Major Airline KM Portal (Sharepoint)

My client, an employer of nearly 80,000 employees, experienced a total failure of their employee portal and needed to replace it quickly. This effort required multiple work streams including project management, definition and design, development, training and change management. I was involved in the sale, scoping and planning of the project and participated in active delivery during a number of the work streams.

The resulting portal was internationally recognized by a leading usability organization.

Digital Asset Management Platform: Strategic Assessment and Recommendations For a Hospitality Leader

One of the world's leading hotel chains requested a strategic assessment with requirements and recommendations for their Digital Asset Management next-generation platform. I led the effort which required numerous stakeholder interviews from around the organization, a technical current and future-state assessment, and comparative research on the best DAM platforms. Deliverables included the research findings, comprehensive requirements, recommendations and a submission-ready Capital Expense Request that went to the Executive Leadership team.

Healthcare Customer Support Portal Consolidation and Redesign (Sharepoint)

I served as User Experience SME for strategy, definition, design, and subsequent relaunch of 30+ different customer support portals into a single, unified experience for a Life Sciences provider. My efforts included in-person and remote user research, content strategy and analysis and development and delivery of user training materials. The new portal was successfully launched and has continued to evolve, providing a better experience for my client's customers.

Customer Access Management Portal Redesign

My client wanted to digitalize and streamline their process of license management on their customer service portal.

My research and design efforts resulted in a new portal with improved look and feel, usability and streamlined license management process. It provided better security via improved credentialing procedures and expiration date management.

Development and Application of Enterprise Taxonomy

The organization identified the critical need to be consistent in their language in order to standardize their marketing-facing and internal reporting capabilities. I led the effort to develop and implement the initial enterprise taxonomy.

Once implemented, this important business function lived under me and I grew a small team to support continued development and application. The taxonomy was implemented across key systems of record and grew to over 1400 terms and 20 schemes that supported many areas of the business. I led the oversight of the creation and operation of a governance team whereby stakeholders from across the organization had the opportunity to contribute and debate changes. It has been widely heralded as a shining example of how the organization should perform governance work.

The net result of this effort was improved reporting, stakeholder engagement and reduction in the impacts of siloes across the organization through the creation and management of the official enterprise taxonomy.

Creation and Launch of Pilot Knowledge Graph Technology

Part of my strategic vision for RGP's enterprise taxonomy implementation was the preparation for knowledge graphs, which provide automated/AI-driven connections between content and are powered by metadata.

In the summer of 2022, I developed the conceptual design and supervised a developer to create the enterprise's first small-scale knowledge graph using our existing taxonomy management technology and a new graph database. This graph connects existing content from disparate areas of the knowledge management platform automatically and provides a viable way to improve our knowledge-based user experience.