“I value you.”

Nothing says “I value you” to clients, customers and colleagues like a well-facilitated experience. I have logged thousands of hours of facilitation experience with diverse audiences, covering topics from strategy and visioning to requirements planning. I have developed and taught facilitation skills training workshops to those wishing to refine their skills. The examples below give a brief glimpse into the types of facilitation work I have completed and materials I have created.

International Joint Requirements Facilitation

My client was interested in sponsoring a multi-day, multi-city requirements gathering effort directly with their customers around the world. I planned, organized and executed the events using the requirements visualization methodology I co-developed. The result: we were able to produce a high-fidelity prototype and user stories for the new system. These were delivered to the client for validation with their customers.

Facilitation Training Program

Not everyone feels comfortable in the front of a room, leading the discussion. Not everyone understands the nuances of effective facilitation. Some people don’t know where to begin.

In order to support colleagues develop their facilitation skills, I developed a facilitation curriculum that has been adapted for two different organizations.  it is part of a tiered program that supports beginning facilitators but also gives them clear progression steps for advancement into advanced facilitation experiences.

The basic course covers the key elements of facilitated experiences including pre-planning and organization, starting the session well, effective participant management and best practices, and wrap-up techniques. The advanced course covers the elements of managing participant dysfunction, advanced data capture including visual process, and facilitating unique situations.

This is just one of many training courses I have developed and delivered both in-person and digitally.